Two Incredibly Simple Ways You Can Live Life To The Fullest!

I recently finished reading a book titled Bella Figura: How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way by Kamin Mohammadi. Living a life of “La Bella Figura” means living a life of beautiful form, presentation, and figure. It’s a wonderful Italian philosophy!

What I love about the Italian culture—and what attracts me the most—is the emphasis people place on cultivating a better, more fulfilling existence. This includes preparing natural foods, practicing mindfulness in the act of enjoying a meal, acknowledging the importance of rest and relaxation, being around those you love, caring about how you look and feel, and having passion…the Italian people certainly have passion!

I bet this sounds good to you too, right? But how do you start living “La Bella Figura”?

When people are looking to create healthier versions of themselves, they generally start with food. But many are also stuck in the cycle of living life the way they think they should live. Then they suddenly realize there’s something missing and crave change!

If this is you, then read some of the following suggestions to get started on your journey towards “La Bella Figura”!

1. Embrace the fact that food is sacred and should be respected!

What does this mean? Let me explain—even though I love “woo woo,” I promise it’s not as strange as it sounds!

Enjoy the food preparation process.

For instance, teach yourself to source and shop for whole, natural foods. Also, learn how to enjoy cooking by being present and showing respect for your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if it is a galley-sized space or something out of Better Homes and Garden. The place where you prepare your meals is sacred and the energy of your surroundings will affect the vibration of your food. It’s your choice!

Eat mindfully.

Sit at a nicely set-up table or space (because you deserve it!) and savor the food you’re eating. We are not meant to shovel food in our mouths and run off to the next activity. This is one of the reasons why so many people have digestive issues. It’s not always about the food and the physical effect it has on our bodies—there’s an emotional factor as well. Understand and acknowledge that!

Clean up as you go.

Nothing screams “chaos and low vibration” as a kitchen with dishes, cooking utensils, pots, baking dishes, unused food, crumbs, etcetera all over the place. Overwhelming disorganization in your space will transfer right into the food you ingest!

Enjoy wine with your food!

Wine is sacred and has been historically linked to holy rituals and gifts. The energy and love infused in wine is absorbed in each sip taken. If you don’t drink alcohol, replace it with grape juice (or something similar in color). Use pretty wine glasses, too, and raise the vibration even more!

Remember, food is joy!

And speaking of joy, the second way to find fulfillment in life is to…

2. Discover happiness and self-love!

If you do this, you’ll create passion and “La Bella Figura”! Here’s a few tips to get you there…

Remember that you are deserving.

Set intentions, say affirmations and use positive self talk. Self-care is very important! Also, enjoy life! Take risks and don’t let fear decide your life for you. Find your bliss!

Be true to yourself and let others be true to themselves.

Everyone is a work in progress and our journeys are different so do what is best for you.

Be present!

Get out of the past because it’s over…and stay out of the future because it hasn’t come yet. Savor the moment and take pleasure in the who, what, when, where, and why.

Listen to music when you can.

Especially when you’re cooking or exercising, or during intimacy. As filler or “background noise,” it’s a great replacement to TV. Music brings joy and with joy comes passion!

Meditate, learn to breathe, and rest your body.

When you are feeling tired, chill out! Your body is telling you something, so listen to it. You don’t always have to be active. Give yourself a break.

These are just a few pointers on how to live a life of “La Bella Figura.”

You can easily implement them into your daily routine!

For me, personally? I know that I don’t really have to go to Italy to live well! I can do it right here each day by deciding to show up for myself, eating healthy food, being mindful, loving hard, eating off the good dishes, having wine in an elegant glass, and knowing that the process of creating a vibrant life begins with me!

What steps will you take in the next few days to get closer to “La Bella Figura”?


Diane Leddy
Bessentially Green

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  1. Chelsea
    November 23, 2018

    Love the idea of this philosophy!

  2. Michelle
    November 24, 2018

    Beautiful post! Great reminders for us all!

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