Releasing Emotions Through a Positive Connection with Food

There is a powerful need to understand and implement the sacred and mystical connections we have with food. I know that I have been intrigued with the energy of food for quite some time and enjoy sharing information on food energy with those I teach.


Many people have a desire to connect with what is real and authentic and one of the most natural ways of accomplishing this is through our relationship with food. Observing, recognizing and understanding the impact food vibration has on our emotions can lead the way to healthier eating habits. The ways in which we can absorb higher food frequencies are dependent upon things we take for granted, such as the planting/growing process, the path of how we receive food, the preparation and traditions of eating within family and community settings or in other places deemed as sacred spaces.


Interestingly, we have accumulated many forms of emotional obstructions throughout our journey from childhood into present day adult life. These thoughts can negatively impact how we think and feel about a variety of topics.

The thoughts we had as children may very well have created the baggage we now carry around as adults.



Did you know that we can actually release such emotions using food?

By applying our sense of smell (olfactory system) we can retrieve pleasant memories of food we loved as children. This is what aromatherapy is and why it has become widely used as an alternative option for calming emotions. Smelling an essential oil for instance may bring back good feeling vibes from our past. Speaking for myself, when I inhale peppermint essential oil I immediately go back to candy canes and Christmas at my house when I was a young child. The aromas of good food can also elicit the same emotions. The smell of pasta sauce (or gravy as some would debate) has Sunday dinner at my grandparents house written all over it!  Both of these examples demonstrate the power our sense of smell really has on our moods and emotions.



Did you know that we can use the energy of food to overturn the negative juju that may have been instilled in our younger selves? Low frequency thoughts can inhibit us from moving forward so how can we diminish triggers that pull us back into “stuck” mode?


In their book “The Mystic Cookbook,” authors Denise and Meadow Linn encourage us to think about a meal we enjoyed as a child, prepare it and while eating, take ourselves back to when we were exposed to those opposing and negative comments (which we now refer to as “triggers”). The authors suggest we talk to our younger selves, acknowledge what we were told and by whom and replace those inhibiting comments with our own positive perceptions and messages. In another words folks, start telling new stories!



An example of this may be the negative dialogue about money you may have been exposed to as a child, for example, “What do we look like the bank?” Or maybe you were told to go “shake the money bush outside.” If this was your “old story”  try this now: “Although I grew up living with a parent/parents who had a lack of money outlook and who were always worried about not having enough (feelings of lack), I now know that money is energy that is transferred and exchanged back and forth and there is an abundance of it out there for all to give and to receive. I know money is good and there is so much I can do with it for myself and for others.


Yes we can be happy and have money all at the same time!


Hope this was helpful. Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.


Diane Leddy

BEssentially Green


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