H.E. L. P

Health Education Leveraging Program


Corporate Wellness Program: This program is for a group of 5 or more. The focus will be on “Creating a Healthy You” and will be a 4 month committed program.

What this program’s goals are: This program is for a group of individuals that are looking to make positive transformations in their health and wellness through changing their eating habits. Individuals in this program will learn how to make this transition through guidance and support from myself on how to shop, cook and eat more healthfully, as well as being made aware of the importance movement/exercise plays on the health and maintenance of the physical body.


What this 4 month program will offer:

– An Initial Health Consultation (regularly priced at $97.00) with each individual in the group.

– 2 virtual cooking classes

– 1x a week 20-30 min video conference call group check in (virtual) for accountability

– 1x a week 20 min e-mailed audio or video on chosen topic list that I will provide to group initially

– Bonus worksheets, tips, recipes or a 10 day cleanse after the Holidays provided through e-mail



This program investment is $160.00 per month for each individual for 4 months or…..
a one time fee of $600.00 per person payable at the onset of the program

A wellness program offered to employees will benefit both staff and employer. Research has shown that employees that have changed the way they eat to a more healthy diet feel better physically and mentally, which in turn increases productivity in the workplace as well as their happiness levels in general. There is less time taken off from the job, less sickness and increased positivity in the office! It’s a win win for all involved!


Diane M Leddy

Certified Health-Wellness Coach at Bessentially Green

(941) 356-3688




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