Happy, Healthy (and Holy Cow!) Hormones

I want to talk a little about hormones today. I’m not going to fill this post up with medical findings or provide all the alternatives out there that can ease the symptoms that so many of us go through at different stages in our lives. Whether you represent the pregnant population with the possible addition of postpartum, the PMS sufferers, the perimenopausal group or the ladies that have gone through menopause (gracefully or not so much) we all have something in common…. Our hormones have changed and more then likely have been out of balance as a result. With this imbalance comes a shift of who we knew ourselves to be and this not only affects our bodies, emotions and even our sex drives (libido) but possibly the people who are near and dear to us too!

Some of us have or are experiencing terrible symptoms during these times while others go through it naturally without any noticeable aftershocks. For me, I’ve done ok with the natural flow (no pun intended) of this process called “the changes.”   From what I was always told by the female mentors before me I expected something very radical to happen, which for me turned out to be inconsistent waves of “hot flashes (or flushes) that would occur randomly every several months and would stick around like an unwanted guest wearing out their welcome. Eventually they would go away but they would always return unannounced. How about those of us that have inquired about the return of some kind of libido?

Now there’s a house guest we’d welcome back in a heartbeat!

Many women have been prescribed prescription medications, birth control pills or even over the counter medicines to help alleviate pain or to balance hormones more synthetically.  I am not here to say what the right path is for everyone. We are all different and we are able to make choices of what we allow in and on our bodies without judgement, certainly not from me.

Since I am on my own natural living journey and am a Certified Health-Wellness coach, mentor and consultant I choose to support my hormonal health in a more holistic, plant based way using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Let me share something with you first….


Just for the record I will share a disclaimer that I am not a doctor, pharmacist or a certified aromatherapist. I am simply a person who lives a natural, holistic lifestyle. The information is intended for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is also not to diagnose, treat or prescribe nor is it meant to be used as a substitute for seeking professional care from your doctor.


OK we got that out of the way now  so let’s continue….


Essential oils are potent! A true essential oil is the lifeblood of the plant and each plant has a value based on the plants chemical makeup.

Quality matters and plays an important role so not all essential oils are the same.

Oils that have been cut and adulterated are generally inexpensive and either contain a small amount of true essential oil or the oil itself is of a lower quality, such as what you see in fragrance grade oils. When choosing an essential oil to support hormonal balance it is important to find oils that are grown, distilled, tested and sealed with a Seed To Seal guarantee. I would recommend a company that farms and distills their own essential oils.


Now I would like to tell you some ways to use essential oils to support hormonal balance!


There are 3 major ways to use pure, therapeutic grade essential oils:


1. Aromatically

You will need a diffuser for this.

Diffusing oils disperses them into the air to be inhaled. Even though they smell great it’s not the only thing they do. They also have an impact on your brain. Some emotions you may experience are love, peace, calmness and sensuality and this is because the limbic system takes care of all our emotions.


2. Topical Use

You can apply essential oils on your body. Some common areas to include, chest,

behind the neck, forehead, behind the ears, on the wrists and below the naval and

inner thighs….. 🙂


3. Internal Use

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are distilled and bottled so that if the plant

is edible so is the oil. For purposes of compliance, an essential oil should be

labeled specifically for internal use (EX: Young Living’s Vitality essential oils line)

When you ingest essential oils they work directly with the digestive system and

aid in releasing toxins and to support healthy hormones.


Here are my top single and blended essential oil picks for balancing hormones and my personal favorites that I apply daily:

  • Sclaressence
  • Clary Sage
  • Endoflex
  • Dragon Time




Libido it up with these favorites:

  • Ylang Ylang (wow!)
  • Cypress
  • Joy (right to the point)
  • Sensation (need I say more???)
  • Valor
  • Orange (the happy oil!)


For more detailed information on how these essential oils can support your hormone health you can check an essential oils reference guide.


If you would like further assistance on how I can support you further in choosing pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to create a healthy and vibrant life you can visit my websites  www.bessentiallygreen.com  (follow link to learn about essential oils) or go to  http://yldist.com/nurturenyouwellness


In gratitude,


Diane Leddy

Bessentially Green


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  1. Shana
    October 6, 2018

    Hi Diane, thanks for the information on essential oils. Where do you buy yours? The second link isn’t valid.
    I found you because of our mutual friend, Michelle DeNio.

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