Communal Cooking and Meal Share Gatherings

Creating an Enjoyable Food Experience

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Living a life of health, vibrancy and joy is a passion of mine and that includes food! I want to share the experience of cooking in a fun and informative way through interactive, communal meal share gatherings! For me it has become more about the connecting with others, the development of friendships and even the networking opportunities these groups provide. My vision is to create the platform for others to host a meal share to promote and initiate gatherings of personal guests; whether it be family, friends, neighbors or community based. Whatever environment you provide for a meal share gathering (the intimacy of your home, place of business, organization or a clubhouse setting) know that the space will be filled with good, positive vibes that raise the frequency of food, which in turn creates a high energy atmosphere each guest will enjoy and benefit from!

Learning (or re-learning) how to take the time to plan, prepare and cook nutritious meals using fresh, natural, ingredients may be a little time consuming but it can also be very rewarding as a way to bring family, friends and community together!

I as the facilitator of the event provide the platform while you as the host provide the kitchen/mealshare space and the guests!

Here’s what you can expect when you host a Cooking and Meal Share Gathering:

  • You and your guests will participate in the preparation of easy, healthy, delicious meals that are hassle free
  • You and your guests will be actively involved with cooking healthy, whole foods while appreciating the natural flavors that properly feed the body
  • You and your guests will experience how to invite positive energy into the kitchen and to eat more with intention
  • You and your guests will be provided with the opportunity to make connections, develop friendships, network, and work together as a part of group engagement
  • You and your guests will receive copies of recipes and any other handouts used for the meal share gathering
  • There is no charge for the host of the gathering



The fee for each guest (not including the host) is $30.00 per person, which includes all food prepared.

For more information on hosting a Communal Cooking and Meal Share Gathering, contact me below:

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